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Your Technology Consultants

Interrex is an innovative consulting company that works with government clients to reach their data and technology goals. We make our clients successful by planning, producing, and maintaining strategic technology solutions. 

Our Full Team of Experienced IT & Analytic Professionals are Ready to Help

Our expertise is in handling large volumes of data from end-to-end. We do this by providing our clients hardware consulting, data modeling, data transformation, database administration, systems integration, and analytic solutions.

"The main problem Interrex solves is giving our clients professional people who will complete their job timely & competently. 

When you hire us, we will give you someone capable and motivated. Our person is going to fit in and do the job in a professional manner. What we really bring to the table is the can-do attitude and work ethic. That's our company culture."

Mike Raines

Director and Co-Founder