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  • Overview

    Our consulting experts are dedicated to delivering cost-effective and comprehensive IT services by providing custom database administration, network engineering, UNIX administration, business and IT requirements, program management, and analytic services, thus providing our clients with the best possible end-to-end solutions for their specific needs.

  • Key Differentiators

    • Our people are customer focused. They seek to fulfill their client’s mission by using best practices, as well as creative talents. Our numerous years of experience is augmented by masters degrees and technical certifications.
    • Our expertise is in knowledge management and data exploitation. Our practice involves manipulating and analyzing of large amounts of data.
    • We support all of our clients' business, software, and hardware requirements as requested.

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  • Core Services

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  • Database Administration

    Our Database Administrators have a firm understanding of data modeling, database design and database administration. We have been successful at designing, implementing, performance tuning, and managing large databases across multiple platforms. We work hand-in-hand with developers to integrate enterprise-wide applications with these databases to meet our clients' business requirements.

    Our Database Administrators have in-depth knowledge and experience implementing solutions for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data migration, advanced indexing, complex queries, partitioning and compression, capacity planning, database security, user management and ETL best practices.

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  • Network Engineering

    Our Network Engineers have a firm understanding of communications technologies such as Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), and Network Security. Whether it involves configuring Brocade or CISCO switches and routers, special firewalls like Sidewinder G2s, or installing CAT5e/fiber cabling, we are making a difference by working with the latest technologies.

    Our Network Engineers work in collaborative environments, providing critical support to the overall mission, thus building the foundation against network intrusions and security breeches. We are responsible for leading engineering efforts to design and deploy a secure internal communications infrastructure that allows our customers to accomplish their daily tasks without interruptions.

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  • System Administration

    Our Windows and UNIX System Administrators support a global network of replicated Oracle relational databases running on various platforms such as SUN Microsystems Enterprise servers and Dell/IBM/HP Blade Centers. We ensure data and disaster recoveries by executing a schedule of system backups and archives using various Enterprise storage technologies and tape library hardware. We conduct routine hardware and software audits of Solaris, RedHat Linux and Windows servers for compliance with established standards and procedures. As an Interrex standard, we maintain a comprehensive set of supporting documentation and provide operating system support for end-users.

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  • Business Requirements

    We understand that today’s knowledge economy requires an understanding of complex environments. Given the complex nature of our client’s business, we first seek to understand the driving forces as well as the needs of our client’s customers. Our people then gather business requirements while being in constant communication with our clients to ensure accuracy and elicit regular feedback.

    Given our experience in the software development life cycle, we translate business requirements into technical requirements, communicate them to developers and ensure accuracy by testing the applications, as well as other dependent systems.

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  • Program Management

    We manage various sizes of IT programs. From managing personnel and tasks to hardware, our people are process-oriented while providing deliverables when requested. We strive to implement repeatable processes that have success.

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  • Analytic Services

    Interrex marries an information technology background with analysis experience to provide best-of-value analytic services. Given the company’s expertise in transforming information into knowledge, analytic services is the “end product” of the process. This service produces report-style deliverables, tailored to the client’s specifications.

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