Interrex, LLC ©2007-2018

  • Corporate Overview

    Founded in 2007, Interrex, LLC is a Northern Virginia IT consulting company whose goal is to provide the highest level of effective computer consulting services. With a full team of experienced IT professionals, Interrex focuses on providing the best possible information technology services available. The company's expertise is in handling large volumes of data from end-to-end. Interrex does this by providing our clients hardware consulting, data modeling, data transformation, database administration, systems integration, and analytic solutions.

  • Methodology

    Our model is based on working directly with our customers to understand their business needs, and only then supplying the appropriate technical solutions. We use tools such as business area analysis, best practices, benchmarking and data modeling to ensure a successful system that fully satisfies both functional and end-user requirements.

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  • Certifications

    Interrex places emphasis on education and industry certifications. The company's talented professionals have advanced degrees in Computer Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Information Assurance, and Decision and Information Technology. The company's professionals have earned and maintain the following professional certifications: Oracle Certified Professional and Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

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